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Symposium: Floating Ideologies – Material Disobedience

Samstag, 19. Mai 2018, 15.00 Uhr

Floating Ideologies – Material Disobedience

Adresse: nGbK, Veranstaltungsraum, 1. OG, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin
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Floating Ideologies – Material Disobedience

Much to the frustration of centuries of inventors, hot-air balloons can only be steered vertically, not horizontally. The uncontrollable, disobedient element of balloons points to both a burden and a promise of liberation. Inflatables are used as tools of observation and disguise in the military, as tools of attraction in mass spectacles or as tools for direct action in protest situations. This symposium investigates how inflatables have the potential for tactics and strategies ranging from centralized technologies of control to insurrectionary, bottom-up approaches for empowerment. Where can inflatables take us? And what are the ethical dilemmas, considering that tools and tactics can be used by actors with different political agendas?

15h - Talks
> Tom Ullrich: »Flying Barricades«
> Anika Schwarzlose: »Disguise and Deception - inflatables and their use for military operations«
> Moritz Frischkorn: »Choreography of Things, from 1968 until now«
> Shailoh Phillips: »Floating Ideologies: Ethical Dilemmas for the Politics of Direct Action«

20h - Filmscreening and discussion
»Action Space« (1968-1978) by Huw Wahl
Action Space used large inflatable sculptures to create interventions into public spaces. By bringing together artists, performers, dancers, painters and musicians, the movement sought to produce cultural democratic spaces for art, education and creative play outside of the restrictive space of the gallery system. This film looks at those years between 1968 and 1978, archiving footage alongside discussions with key members of the movement, present-day writers and theorists.

The exhibition will be open during the event.



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