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nGbK Outreach scholarship 2022, Jelena Fužinato

Videostill © Jelena Fužinato

Two main themes are at the center of Jelena Fužinato's outreach scholarship 2022: infrastructure and care work. In the workshop series, new mediation formats will be developed with various professionals from both of these fields. The idea of co-creative outreach, in which the contributors define the goals and create the form themselves, is the guiding principle for the decision-making processes in the collaboration with the groups. Therefore, an important question is: how does art, culture and outreach work relate to the people involved in this process?

To reflect on the city's infrastructure, the fellow turns to the 'invisible workforce': 50,000 construction workers from the Western Balkans work on German construction sites. Among them a large number of illegal and undocumented migrants. They are invited to work on mobile structures (tools) in which they can contribute their knowledge in construction, as well as the experience of the people without whose work the financial capital and real estate market in the city would not exist. These objects will then be placed in public space to be used by all participants in the further mediation process. ‘Care‘ is the basis of many conceptions in current art practice, so the second invited group includes carers. They too immigrated to Germany from abroad to work. As experts in care work, they can share what this topic means from their own, mostly precarious, perspective.

Jelena Fužinato is a freelance artist and art mediator. She works in the media of drawing and installation to investigate authoritarian relationships within institutions such as family, school, museum and state. She studied Painting at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and completed her master’s degree in Painting at the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), she also studied Curating, Managing and Mediating Art at Aalto University Helsinki, (Finland) and completed her postgraduate studies at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2015 at the Institute for Art in Context. She focuses particularly on artistic work with social groups and in cultural institutions. This was followed in 2017/18 by a qualification with an emphasis on anti-discrimination educational work at schools. She has worked as an art mediator and guest lecturer in and outside of various art, cultural and educational institutions.

Outreach program

June 26–30, 2022
Inauguration: June 30, 19:00 (de)
Workshop #1 – A Fountain in Hellersdorf

August 23–28, 2022 (de/en)
Workshop #2 – Care

September 14–18, 14:00–17:00 (de/en)
Workshop #3 – Meet Me at the Fountain


The outreach scholarship has been offered annually by the nGbK since 2010. The call for applications is aimed at individuals or teams of a maximum of two people who are active in the field of art and cultural outreach as well as in educational work and who would like to implement experimental and processual methods and formats of artistic outreach. The institutional affiliation with the nGbK offers the fellows the opportunity to implement an outreach format in which their own practice can be tried out, varied or, if necessary, realigned.