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Outreach scholarschip 2020: Harley Aussoleil and Frances Breden

SAG Workshop ,,Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time” M-1, Hohenlockstedt, 2018. Photo: Inga Zimprich


The nGbK’s 2020 outreach program is comprised of five workshops from Berlin-based queer artists and art educators on new, experimental, and emerging art forms and pedagogies. Offering workshops in a wide variety of media, such as stand-up comedy and somatic science fiction writing, Making Queer defies institutional artistic norms to reveal some of the powerful strategies of queer artists and their practices. The series will finish with a symposium at the end of the year.

»Making Queer« will host workshop leaders Lee Richards, Bard Baitman, Hang Linton, Laura Lulika, Clay AD, Isabel Gatzke, and Sanni Est.


Workshop 1
9 February 2020
»I Can’t Believe I Have To Protest This Shit 2: Electrib Goobaloo«

Workshop 2
31 May—5 June 2020

Workshop 3
4, 11 and 12 July 2020
»Queer Comedy Pedagogy - Laughter as a tool for healing«

Workshop 4
3, 17, 31 August 2020
»Writing Bodies as Moving Bodies – How to use your own body to generate science fiction«

Workshop 5
19—22 October 2020
»I’m in Love with my Future«

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Harley Aussoleil (pronoun: she) and Frances Breden (pronoun: she) are curators, artists, and educators in Berlin, with an interest in collective artistic practices that challenge institutional norms. They are members of collectives COVEN BERLIN and Sickness Affinity Group.